About Carlton

To this day, Carlton is overwhelmed by the number of people who have shown an interest in his life & followed his journey from respected ICF football hooligan, to feared bouncer, to muscle game enforcer & notorious underworld figure!

Carlton's first best-selling autobiography, 'Muscle' was originally published in 2002 & after turning heads, was made into an award-winning feature film called 'Rise of the Footsoldier' in 2007. Rise of the Footsoldier Part 2 was later made & released with Carlton's full involvement, but as the films became a fictional franchise after the 2nd instalment, Carlton ceased all involvement with the ROTF franchise & publicly revoked his endorsement.

In 2021, Carlton decided to bring his life story up to date & set a few records straight while he was at it! So his last ever autobiography, 'CARLTON - The Final Say' was launched & became a best-seller in just 24 hours!

Carlton is a well-known West Ham United fan, he'll tell you he bleeds Claret 'n' Blue, so come hell or high water he'll be watching them on match days!

Carlton has featured in various news articles & documentaries, & has been mentioned in the books of several other authors. Carlton now has several business interests, including within property development.

Carlton Leach
AKA Mr. C.
AKA "The Footsoldier"