Thousands Exposed to Explicit Images

Reading time: 3 minutes | Public Release by Angeleye Business Solutions LLC

In September 2022, following events that took place in his personal life, Carlton felt he needed to put the below video out into the public domain:

From watching the recording, it is clear that Carlton had been hurt by the behaviour of someone he once allowed to be close to him and his family. It’s also obvious that he understands that having a social media presence comes with a certain level of responsibility and as such, difficult though it was, he felt obliged to explain the situation surrounding the Instagram account and to make it clear that he was no longer involved with it. At that time, Carlton felt that perhaps the account could be utilized in the future to spread false information, or perhaps just that people might be trying to contact him and be left thinking he was ignoring them…but the reality ended up being far worse!

Everyone concerned thought that the situation was left firmly in the past and life moved on, until this week that is! The person who retained control of the IG in question (@thecarlton_leachofficial) did, at some stage, enter into the amateur adult film industry. It would appear that the person was unable to build a sizeable social media following for herself, and so she began to promote pornography on the IG account that until the day before bore Carlton’s name. Scores of people contacted Carlton to tell him what they had seen and how disgusted they were. Almost 10,000 people unfollowed the account in under 24 hours. But the worst part of it all is that Carlton’s grandchildren were unwittingly exposed to illicit sexual images and videos of a person who, just a matter of months before, had been asking them to call her ‘Nanny’.

Carlton feels betrayed and let down that somebody could post such things knowing that some of his children and grandchildren were following the account and would almost certainly see it. Though the situation was entirely beyond Carlton’s control he feels terrible that thousands of people, some perhaps under the age of 18, may have gone onto Instagram expecting to see what ‘Carlton Leach from Rise of the Footsoldier’ was up to, but instead were met with filthy images of a woman trying to sell naked videos of herself.

As if exposing minors to sexually explicit imagery isn’t enough, Carlton is led to believe that the person’s own brother is working with her in the production and/or promotion of the adult content and this reason increases the urgency felt by Carlton to distance himself from this person and her activities, which will no doubt be looked upon by some as highly immoral to say the least.

Carlton feels that not only does he have an obligation to his social media followers, but we all have certain obligations as human beings, too. Whilst certain people are part of a minority that may not care for obligations such as protecting children’s wellbeing, Carlton does and that is why he is urging his followers to ensure that they are only following him on his official social media channels which are published on

It's worth noting that, acting in the capacity of consultants to Carlton, Angeleye did, in September 2022, notify Instagram through various channels that the account in question was no longer under his control or influence and had effectively been hi-jacked, however, the site did not appear to take any action.